JESCipedia is Offline

JESCipedia has been taken offline as a protest against the allowing of SBS to represent Australia at JESC after their offensive and inappropriate comments made about young performers during the commentary they provided during the previous JESC editions.


With the EBU having already tacitly approved of other broadcasters financially exploiting young performers.


As the EBU clearly have no regard for their own Code of Ethical Conduct, as published on their site, I do not wish to be involved with supporting such unethical conduct.

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One thought on “JESCipedia is Offline

  1. beccaboo1212

    Sometimes the Junior Eurovision website doesn’t tell when some of the participants were born. People even people on Wikipedia search other Eurovision related websites to find out who is representing a certain country at the Junior contest. For example, when I heard that Anahit Adamyan and Mary Vardanyan would represent Armenia at Junior Eurovision 2016, I knew that they were both 13 at the time, and now I’m waiting for Wikipedia to find proof about “age clarification”. Brazilian website ESCpedia also hasn’t inserted the full information. So I’m assuming that Anahit and Mary were born between early and late spring in 2003.


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